There are many cases where the Oracle DBA may want to write custom messages directly into the standard Oracle alert log file (located in $ORACLE_HOME/admin/$ORACLE_SID/bdump).

Why write to the alert log?  In Oracle11g and beyond, you can directly query the alert log with SQL, using x$dbgalertext.

By writing custom messages to the Oracle alert log file you can supplement your default Oracle alerts with custom messages.   If you don't want to write your own scripts to write to the alert log, see

Examples of writing to the alert log

dbms_output.put_line: This writes from Oracle to the alert log file:

-- ******************************************************
-- Gather the location of the alert log directory
-- ******************************************************

name into :alert_loc
name = ‘background_dump_destination’;

-- ******************************************************
-- Set the utl_file_dir
-- ******************************************************
alter system set utl_file_dir = ‘:alert_loc’);

-- ******************************************************
-- Open the alert log file for write access
-- ******************************************************

-- ******************************************************
-- Write the custom message to the alert log file
-- ******************************************************
dbms_output.put_line('custom error message');

-- ******************************************************
-- Close the alert log file
-- ******************************************************

# -----------------------------------------------

Using utl_file to write to the alert log
Or this way to write to the alert log:

v_file_handle utl_file.file_type;
v_file_handle:=utl_file.fopen('u01/app/oracle/admin/bdump','alert_log.log', 'a');
utl_file.put_line (v_file_handle, 'custom error message');
utl_file.fclose (v_file_handle);

Another obscure way to write to the alert log file is to invoke ksdwrt, which to alert log file


For complete details on writing to the Oracle alert log, read the full tip here:


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