All USA web sites must be accessible to the disabled

This is an very important alert for anyone with a web site, and anyone who deploys Oracle databases on the web.

A Federal judge ruled last week that all USA web-sites must be disability compliant. This is Federal law, and every Oracle professionals should make their management aware of this new regulatory requirement. If your company has a retail web site (or any web service for the public), this new law applies to you. This includes all web-enabled Oracle databases, including Oracle Application Server 10g, Oracle Application Express (Apex, formally HTML-DB), Oracle Portal and Oracle eBusiness Suite systems.

Failure to comply is a FEDERAL OFFENSE and it could expose your company hefty fines ($50k for the first offense), plus the risk of expensive civil litigation. Make sure to pass this on to your manager.

Web sites are now "public places of accommodation", and they must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

"The U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California ruled yesterday that a retailer may be sued if its website is inaccessible to the blind. . . What this means is that any place of business that provides services, such as the opportunity to buy products on a website, is now, a place of accommodation and therefore falls under the ADA."

This is very bad news, because disabled people have a strong history of filing litigation against business that do not provide them with access.

Here are my notes on how to make your web sites friendly for the disabled:  

Web Site Compliance with the ADA rules

The ADA requires all companies to make “reasonable accommodations” for the disabled, including modifications to computer systems:


Reducing the Risk

All publicly accessible systems within the United States are required to adhere to Federal Law, and managers risk malfeasance if they do not verify that their web portals are accessible to the blind and deaf users.

Burleson Consulting offers a complete service that includes identification and correction of all illegal web components for Oracle9iAS, Oracle10gAS, Oracle Applications eBusiness Suite, Oracle Portal and Oracle Application Express (HTML-DB) systems.

For complete ADA verification and corrections by Oracle certified consultants, just call 800-766-1884 for support.