Tuning individual Oracle SQL statements

A broad-brush approach can save thousands of hours of tedious SQL tuning because you can hundreds of queries at once. Remember, you MUST do this first, else later changes to the optimizer parameters or statistics may un-tune your SQL Remember, you must ALWAYS start by holistic SQL tuning by holistic methods:

- Optimize the server kernel - You must always tune your disk and network I/O subsystem (RAID, DASD bandwidth, network) to optimize the I/O time, network packet size and dispatching frequency.

- Adjusting your optimizer statistics - You must always collect and store optimizer statistics to allow the optimizer to learn more about the distribution of your data to take more intelligent execution plans. Also, histograms can hypercharge SQL in cases of determining optimal table join order, and when making access decisions on skewed WHERE clause predicates.

- Adjust optimizer parameters - Optimizer optimizer_mode, optimizer_index_caching, optimizer_index_cost_adj.

- Optimize your instance - Your choice of db_block_size, db_cache_size, and OS parameters (db_file_multiblock_read_count, cpu_count, &c), can influence SQL performance.

- Tune your SQL Access workload with physical indexes and materialized views - Just as the 10g SQLAccess advisor recommends missing indexes and missing materialized views, you should always optimize your SQL workload with indexes, especially function-based indexes, a Godsend for SQL tuning.

Once the environment, instance, and objects have been tuned, the Oracle administrator can focus on what is probably the single most important aspect of tuning an Oracle database: tuning the individual SQL statements. In this final article in my series on Oracle tuning, I will share some general guidelines for tuning individual SQL statements to improve Oracle performance.

For complete details on Oracle high performance SQL tuning, see my book "Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference".


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