Important tips for tuning SQL joins

Most Oracle professionals are aware of the "logical" ways to join tables, equi-joins, outer-joins and semi-joins, but Oracle also has internal ways of joining tables together, physical join methods that are critical to understanding SQL tuning.
Oracle has a vast array of internal algorithms including several types of nested loops and merge joins, plus six types of hash joins.  We also see data access methods such as many types of internal sorts and table access methods. 

When we examine an execution plan for a SQL statement we may see the “physical” join implementations, with names like nested loops, sort merge and hash join.

The propensity of the SQL optimizer to invoke a hash join is heavily controlled by the setting for the hash_area_size and pga_aggregate_target Oracle parameter.  The larger the value for hash_area_size, the more hash joins the optimizer will invoke. In some releases of Oracle, the hash_area_size defaults to double the value of the sort_area_size parameter, but it highly dependent upon parameter settings and your release level. 
When tuning SQL we must always remember that the optimizer can sometimes fail to choose the “best” table join method.  This is especially true for cases where a hash join is wrongly chosen over nested loops. 

This is frequently the case when we have sub-optimal schema statistics (especially column histograms) can lead to cases where the optimizer makes an incorrect guess about the cardinality of a result set and wrongly invokes a join that requires a full-table scan, not choosing nested loops. 

See below for expert SQL tuning tricks for forcing nested loops joins over hash joins:

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