Tuning individual SQL statements

The acronym SQL stands for Structured Query Language. SQL is an industry standard database query language that was adopted in the mid-1980s. It should not be confused with commercial products such as Microsoft SQL Server or open source products such as MySQL, both of which use the acronym as part of the title of their products.

Do this before you start individual SQL statement tuning

This broad-brush approach can save thousands of hours of tedious SQL tuning because you can hundreds of queries at once.  Remember, you MUST do this first, else later changes to the optimizer parameters or statistics may un-tune your SQL  Remember, you must ALWAYS start with system-level SQL tuning, else later changes might undo your tuned execution plans:

11g Note:  The Oracle 11g SQL Performance Analyzer (SPA), is primarily designed to speed up the holistic SQL tuning process.

Once you create a workload (called a SQL Tuning Set, or STS), Oracle will repeatedly execute the workload, using sophisticated predictive models (using a regression testing approach) to accurately identify the salient changes to SQL execution plans, based on your environmental changes.

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