Oracle tuning Guru achieves a 20x performance boost

Steve Karam, the Oracle wunderkind (the world's youngest Oracle ACE and Oracle Certified Master), has published an astute case study describing how he tuned a batch update down from 45 minutes to only 10 seconds!

>> Read "Does Size Matter? by Steve Karam, OCM, Oracle ACE

In order to have a statistically valid test, Karam used a the real-world workload, using identical server, disk and instance settings. Karam notes how moving a high-DML table to a smaller blocksize resulted in a 20x throughput improvement:

"By going from a 16k blocksize to a 4k blocksize with all other things being equal, we experienced roughly a twenty times improvement."

Steve is now investigating further areas in the environment that could benefit from block optimization, targeting frequently used and highly concurrent segments as candidates for a smaller blocksize. Let's take a closer look at the use of multiple blocksizes to reduce waste and improve performance throughput.

Read the whole story of tuning Oracle I/O blocksize here:


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