The Oracle9iAS Infrastructure

This chapter moves deeper into the administration and management of Oracle9iAS as we start to look at management of the Oracle9iAS infrastructures.  The Oracle9iAS infrastructure is the heart of the Oracle9iAS Farm and is the central metadata repository for many critical application components.  While many administrator limit their definition of the infrastructure to the metadata database (often referred to as the Iasdb instance), the infrastructure consists of much more.  For the purpose of this chapter, we will examine the Infrastructure components of the Metadata repository (Isadb), the Single Sign-on (SSO) security framework, and the Oracle9iAS Management services.  Let’s begin our discussion with an overview of these components and how they work together.

Overview of Oracle9iAS Infrastructure                              

The Oracle9iAS infrastructure is an Oracle database instance and a collection of important administrative components within Oracle9iAS.  In this chapter we will examine the following infrastructure components of Oracle9iAS:

In Oracle9iAS we can use the enhanced Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) tool to administer these Oracle9iAS infrastructure components.  As an Oracle9iAS administrator it is your job to become familiar with all of these components.  Of course, your shop may not have some of the optional components such as Single Sign-On, but it is imperative that you understand how these infrastructure tools communicate with each other to provide the administrative framework for Oracle9iAS.

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