FYI: Last chance to enroll in Oracle Cruise

If you want to attend the Oracle Caribbean cruise to learn Oracle Real Application Clusters (RAC), it's only 20 days away. The last call for the Oracle Cruise is Friday, January 5th, 2007.  To book your Oracle RAC class, just call 800-766-1884 and be prepared to pay by credit card.


Tricks in Oracle SQL to compare two tables

Oracle Corporate developer Vadim Tropashko has some interesting notes on tuning Oracle SQL queries that compare the contents of two tables, showing several SQL solutions and their performance within the Oracle cost-based optimizer.  Tropashko has a remarkable approach to solving this problem, a worthy read for anyone who writes SQL in Oracle.

Vadim also shows a great example of using the hidden parameter _convert_set_to_join to improve SQL execution speed for queries that find the semantic difference between two tables, and he shows how to compare the rows and columns of two tables with Oracle SQL syntax.

Vadim Tropashko is the author of the book "SQL Design Patterns: The Expert Guide to SQL Programming". 

This is the definitive reference for SQL design patterns, a critical knowledge area for any Oracle developer.


Is your Database Healthy?

Oracle is the worlds most complex and robust database and there are hundreds of sub-optimal setting that can cripple your database performance.

BC has a great Oracle health check where we identify all database bottlenecks to ensure that your mission-critical system is running at optimal speeds.

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Need Oracle Training?

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