How to send e-mail from Oracle

Many systems have online e-mail alerts and Oracle provides the utl_smtp PL/SQL package (first introduced in Oracle8i) to facilitate e-mailing from PL/SQL. The PL/SQL can then be embedded to any application for a slick e-mail alert interface. Here is the PL/SQL code to define the e-mail environment, with references to working PL/SQL Oracle e-mailing script by Dr. Tim Hall and Dave Wotton. If you are developing with HTML-DB you can also send Oracle e-mail with the htmldb_mail package.  Read more here:

Oracle Database 10g has made it easier than ever before to interface PL/SQL with e-mail.

The new DBMS package is called utl_mail, and it makes it easier than ever before to send e-mail from inside PL/SQL. Unlike the cumbersome utl_smtp package, the new utl_mail package does not require any knowledge of the underlying protocols. OTN has a great summary of the features:

"This new package makes it possible for a PL/SQL programmer to send programmatically composed emails. It requires only the normal mental model of a user of a GUI email client rather than an understanding of the underlying protocol (SMTP) features. This distinguishes it from Utl_Smtp which was introduced in Oracle8i Database. Utl_Smtp requires that the programmer understands the details of the SMTP protocol. Utl_Mail is much simpler to use because it supports just a limited, but very common, subset of the functionality that Utl_Smtp provides."


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