Warnings about Oracle scripts

Even though Oracle and third-party vendors build GUI tools to interface with the Oracle data dictionary, there are millions of possible dictionary reports to help manage a complex Oracle database.

Oracle provides dozens of x$ and v$ tables to allow us to view the internal machinations of Oracle, a Godsend to the savvy DBA who needs to understand the details of Oracle.

However, there is a downside to Oracle scripts, especially for the beginner.  Oracle scripts can be very powerful, and many neophytes will cut-and-paste scripts without understand their functions.  While this makes the DBA appear to be knowledgeable beyond their real experience, it can be extremely dangerous.

Some of the most sophisticated Oracle script collections ( see http://www.dba-oracle.com/oracle_scripts.htm ) include warnings, but they can still be abused.

Itís a disturbing trend today that fakers and wannabees are capturing pre-written Oracle scripts over the web, and in some cases, running them to see what they do!

Statistically, the Oracle DBA is responsible for more unplanned outages than hardware failure, and Oracle scripts are increasing this problem.  I work in emergency Oracle support, and one more than one occasion Iíve been called-in to fix a DBA induced problem from a beginner running a script that they do not understand.

Itís a problem that can only be remedied through training, but the temptation is always there to take shortcuts, especially for Oracle DBAís who do not possess the required aptitude and educational background to function effectively as a DBA.

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