Oracle salary survey released

In a new 2007 IT salary survey, we see the average salaries for database professionals, relating to other IT job categories, shoeing that an "average" DBA earns about $75k in 2007, just below engineers:

JOB TITLE                         SALARY
Executive Management      $97,616
Sr IT Management              $91,185
Consultant                           $84,627
Security Specialists             $82,237
Software Engineers             $78,405
Engineer - other                  $77,527
DBA/Analyst                      $74,623

However, there is a wide variation in salaries for Oracle professionals depending upon specialized expertise (RAC) and location.

In my article how to become an Oracle DBA, we see that hard-working kids who have distinguished themselves by graduating from a top-tier university are aggressively courted by the major software vendors (Oracle likes to hire from Harvard, MIT, etc.).
Here are my notes on Oracle Salary Compensation, and there is a wide variation according to the responsibilities of the DBA job, the quality of the DBA, the cost of living, and the experience of the DBA. Here is a 2005 Oracle DBA salary survey showing the national average for DBA's at $65,000 per year, and compared to the 2007 figure of $75,000, it suggests a growth rate of about 12% per year.

Salary = (age time two)

On average, an Oracle professional can expect to earn approximately age x 2. If you are 22 years old, expect a starting salary for an entry-level Oracle administration job to be about $44,000. As your experience increases, so does your salary, such that you could expect about $100,000 per year when you are 50 years old (age x 2) with 28 years experience.

Salaries up for new college graduates

This CNN article sub-titled "It Pays to be a Geek", notes that IT and computer science majors are in high demand, with graduating seniors in computer engineering commanding over $56k:
The students who made out the best were chemical engineering majors. They earned an average 5.4 percent more than last year, bringing their average to $59,361, according to the survey.

Computer engineering majors were offered $56,201, up 4.8 percent.

Mechanical engineering grads offers' rose 4.6 percent to $54,128. Electrical engineering grads' offers increased by 3.2 percent to $55,292. Civil engineers earned $48,509, up 5.4 percent.

Computer science majors saw salaries rise 4.1 percent to $53,396, while information sciences grads received a 4.6 percent increase to $50,852.

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