RAID5 making inroads with Oracle

Disk vendors have been at-odds with Oracle for many years, as most disk vendors offer RAID5, a RAID level that minimizes wasted storage, but has a high update penalty. 

Oracle 10g has adopted the RAID10 standard as SAME (Stripe and Mirror Everywhere) within their popular Automatic Storage Management (ASM), but the technology is changing and some storage vendors have overcome the infamous "write penalty" that has been traditionally associated with RAID5 on Oracle.

Vendors address changing Oracle storage demands

As the technology changes, storage vendors are making great strides, especially in the areas of Solid State Disk and specialized RAID5 doe databases:

Super-fast access with solid-state Disk:

High-speed RAID5 for Oracle:

The next generation of RAID5 for Oracle

One great area of RAID5 is that it's commonly used by all of the major disk vendors and it has less storage overhead than full disk mirroring.

In 2006, many disk vendors have made advances that overcome the "write penalty" associated with high update activity and there are now RAID5 storage devices that can accommodate high update databases without the high "write penalty" latency.

One such product is the Hitachi TagmaStore RAID5 "Universal Storage Platform".  In a nutshell, the TagmaStore device uses a large 256GB cache to overcome the RAID5 write penalty. 

Let's take a closer at using RAID5 with Oracle:


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