RAC One Node tips

Traditionally, Oracle RAC is used in a multi-node architecture, with many separate instances of RAC residing on separate servers.  This protects against unplanned server outages because transparent application failover will re-direct to another server, and also aids the RAC goal of scalability, when a new server instance is genned-in to the RAC cluster.

Now in Oracle 11g r2, we see a new feature dubbed "RAC One Node".  RAC One Node claims to be a multiple instances of RAC running on a single node in a cluster, and has a fast "instance relocation" feature in cases of catastrophic server failure.

This instance relocation uses a new featured dubbed Oracle Omotion.

While RAC One node will not protect you in a case of server failure (unlike regular RAC, running nodes on many servers), RAC One Node does offer instance duplication within a single server environment.

Oracle Corporation is now embracing the IT industry concept of "instance consolidation", a movement to collected together instances from the bad old days of client server computing where we had a one instance/one server architecture.  This is a Back to the Future approach, a movement back to the monolithic server environments of the 1980's, with all of their benefits:

See below for expert RAC One Node tips:


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