Setting the Priority for Oracle Batch Jobs

Michael Wilson asks: 

Question:  What is the  mechanism to set priority for batch jobs? I want my stored procedures to have lower priority than the real time processes. We want the batch job access wait, while the application processes get a higher dispatching priority. The batch jobs are submitted via dbms_scheduler, and I want them to have less priority after they are submitted.

The expert says:

Answer: When referring to priority, we mean the CPU dispatching priority, also known as the queue that manages how Oracle processes receive cycles.   Oracle sessions create a process which is visible to the operating system. Once you have found the PID for these sessions associated with the PL/SQL stored procedure, you can use the "nice" and "priocntl" commands to change the dispatching priority.

Just remember, the higher the nice number, the LOWER the task priority.

When I "nice up" a batch job, I do it from the OS side:

1.    Schedule a cron job to start one minute after the Oracle job starts.

 2.    Use a "ps" command piped to "grep" to find the OS process associated with the PL/SQL stored procedure.

3.    Issue the "nice" or "priocntl" command to make the batch job lower in the CPU dispatching queue.

 If you want to do it all with Oracle, you can issue OS commands from inside Oracle, but it's tricky.

Follow the link below for further insight on setting priorities for Oracle batch jobs:

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