Oracle Servlet Log Tables

The Oracle9iAS servlet engine has several log tables with the Oracle9iAS Repository that are used to track servlet errors.

SQL> desc ose$http$admin.http$log$;

 Name                          Null?    Type
 ----------------------------- -------- -------------------- 
 SERVER_NAME                            VARCHAR2(80)
 TIMESTAMP                              DATE
 REMOTE_HOST                            RAW(4)
 REMOTE_USER                            VARCHAR2(80)
 REQUEST_LINE                           VARCHAR2(256)
 STATUS                                 NUMBER(3)
 RESPONSE_SIZE                          NUMBER(38)
 REQUEST_METHOD                         RAW(1)
 REFERER                                VARCHAR2(80)
 AGENT                                  VARCHAR2(80)

Portal Repository Log Audit Reports

Oracle Portal has several log tables in the Iasdb repository, and these can be referenced with SQL to create developer activity reports for Portal.  This produces a report similar to using the Oracle DDL system-level trigger, and tracks all Portal changes made by your development staff.  The report below references the portal.wwlog_activity_log1$ and portal.wwlog_activity_log2$ tables and produces a great report of all Portal development activity.


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