Oracle's hot plans for 2007

Lots of people publishing about Oracle's accomplishments in 2006, but very few analysts have discussed Oracle's upcoming plans and challenges for 2007. 

In order to address these challenges, Oracle is seizing on these market trends, firming-up their newly-acquired applications (PeopleSoft, Siebel) with "fusion middleware" and focusing on expanding within some very specific markets.  The major focus of application interoperability with MySQL, SQL Server, EnterpriseDB, PostgreSQL and DB2, will allow Oracle to quickly tie-in to their competitors systems, a foot-in-the-door approach that gives Oracle leverage in migration proposals.  We also see these plans:

- 11g Database enhancements - The Oracle database does not have any "huge" new features, and the Oracle 11g database is currently in 11g beta testing, scheduled for final release late in 2007/early 2008.  Preliminary new features announcements at Oracle OpenWorld 2006 did not reveal any "major" architectural features except "fusion middleware", and some speculated that the next release might be dubbed Oracle 11f.  For a detailed list of Oracle11g new features, see my notes on the specific Oracle 11g new Features.

- Single-source shopping - Just as IBM earned billions of dollars by offering soup-to-nuts service (with no cross-finger pointing when things go wrong), Oracle is now offering complete software solutions by incorporating their own Linux distro.

- Windows push - Oracle has announced world-record benchmarks on Windows, using the massive Intel-based UNISYS ES-7000 servers, getting over a quarter million transactions per minute.

- Leveraging industry verticals - Oracle sees opportunities to integrate within industry verticals, as noted by their acquisition of ReTek and MetaSolv.

- Easy Migration to Oracle - The ultimate way to drive-out competitors, Oracle appears to be planning to make it easy to switch to Oracle from competing platforms

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