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All Oracle DBAs are familiar with the environmental variable called the Oracle Home.  The Oracle Home is the directory where the installer places all the product related files.  The Oracle Home must be unique for each instance installed on a server including the back-end Oracle database.  In the table above, the disk space requirements are for the Oracle Home directory so ensure that you place it on a mount point with sufficient space.  Throughout this book we will reference files using the $ORACLE_HOME environmental variable to identify files such as:

$ORACLE_HOME/opmn/bin/opmnctl startall

The specific file opmnctl is referenced under the $ORACLE_HOME of the instance the command is starting.  As we will see later, the installer will unset the ORACLE_HOME variable when it starts and ask you to define an ORACLE_HOME for each installation.


Each application server instance installed on the same server will be installed using unique ports.  This includes all components that listen on ports, such as OHS or Web Cache.  This could get complicated however, the installer checks ports before assigning them and will assign unused ports as needed.  When setting up the operating system you will need to ensure that enough ports are available to the installer and it will do the rest.  Each installation will end with a page that displays the instance and Application Server Control port used.  You should write this information down!  You can find the ports used by an instance in the Enterprise Manager web site under the PORTS link or in the $ORACLE_HOME/install/portlist.ini file.

One port that must be available to install the infrastructure is port 1521, which is the Listener port for the database.  That port can be shared with another Oracle database but it must be available.


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