Oracle downsizing:  How to avoid layoffs 

The collapse of major financial institutions has rippled through the economy and managers everywhere are searching for ways to stretch their dollars.  In this article, we will explore the ways that Oracle Managers trim their budgets to survive the looming worldwide recession.

The market for Oracle professionals has been a boom-or-bust market.  In years where demand exceeds supply (1996-1999), anyone with even the most marginal skills could secure a job in Oracle technology.  But bank failures, global insecurity, the credit crunch and declining sales have made Corporations faced with tough choices.  Some must either limp along with fewer resources or face bankruptcy, and managers everywhere are struggling to find cost cutting opportunities throughout the organization.

This has had a direct and noticeable impact on the Oracle community.  Layoffs are rampant, and those Oracle professionals who are fortunate enough to have their jobs are faced with cutting corners. Many perks that were considered essential to an Oracle professional a few years ago are gone.

When faced with the reality of doing layoffs most managers try to be as fair as possible, preparing an objective comparison of cost vs. performance for each employee.  However, you must also consider intangible aspects such as the loss of institutional knowledge which is especially critical for Oracle DBA’s who understand the complex nuances of your systems. 

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