Oracle HTTP Server (OHS)

All Oracle web systems must have enough listener processes so that a single port is not overwhelmed with incoming requests. The Oracle HTTP Server is a component of Oracle9iAS that listens on a specific port and forward J2EE incoming requests thru mod_oc4j to the least-loaded OC4J container. It is imperative that the Web servers have load-balancing intelligence so that a single OC4J container is not overloaded with work.  Oracle has addressed this issue by incorporating the open source Apache product into the Oracle HTTP Server and providing the load balancing capability to the mod_oc4j module.  This makes customization quite easy.

Another huge benefit of the web listener load balancing is that you can customize the Web Cache to load balance multiple Oracle HTTP Servers, thereby adding improved scalability.  When the existing apps servers become overwhelmed, more app servers can be easily added into the architecture.

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