Oracle9iAS Wireless

The Oracle9iAS Wireless component allows for wireless communications between remote wireless servers and the Oracle9iAS architecture. The core of Oracle9iAS wireless is the use of XML communications.  Oracle wireless transforms XML data into whatever markup language is used by the wireless system, including standard HTML, Wireless Markup Language (WML), and other special wireless markups such as VoiceXML and HDML.  This allows the application to generate one set of XML data that is reformatted for the presentation device, be it a cell phone, palm pilot or pager.

Wireless communications with Oracle is becoming commonplace because of the ubiquitous nature of Internet Service Providers creating wireless infrastructures (mostly in the major cities). Within these areas, Oracle wireless can be used to establish direct communications with Oracle9iAS using a standard J2EE and XML communications model.  Oracle9iAS wireless has the benefit is isolating the database communications from the complexity of the wireless protocol by encapsulating the communications into a separate, intermediate layer.

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