Oracle9iAS TopLink

Oracle9iAS TopLink is an important component for Java developers because it provides a mechanism for making Java objects persistent across sessions.  In object-oriented languages such as Java, C# or C++, objects can be instantiated and destroyed according to the needs of the program.

The problem is that OO languages like Java create objects in the RAM heap, and upon termination of the program, all of the programs objects are destroyed.  Oracle9iAS TopLink is a persistence framework that enables object persistence by supplying routines that can be invoked to store Java objects in relational database tables (in any relational database that supports JDBC).  In addition, Oracle9iAS TopLink provides a GUI tool, the Mapping Workbench, that greatly simplifies the task of mapping Java objects and their attributes to database tables.  TopLink also provides powerful features like a query framework, object-level transaction support, relationship mappings, object caching, and much more.  Prior to TopLink, the programmer would have to write custom JDBC code to store and retrieve the Java objectís attributes to/from a relational table. This is extremely time-consuming and error prone plus difficult to change. TopLink is built on top of JDBC but does not require developers to use JDBC (or even SQL!).  Oracle9iAS TopLink supports all J2EE compliant application servers, and can be used to store object data from standard Java objects, as well as entity beans. Please refer to the Oracle9iAS TopLink documentation for more information.

Next, letís introduce the main topic of this text, the administration and management of Oracle9iAS.

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