Oracle9iAS Repository Administration and Management

Because isadb is an Oracle database, the Oracle9iAS components rely on this database being available when they are started.  After the components are started, the Isadb database can be stopped without adverse effects to OHS and Java.  However, some Oracle9iAS components will not be able to function without Isadb, including SSO, portal and wireless.

Hence, the Isadb database is a central point of failure for your Oracle9iAS enterprise, and the administrator should take steps to ensure continuous availability of the Isadb database.  These actions may include:

While the Oracle documentation does not specifically mention the use of Oracle9i RAC as a availability option for Oracle9iAS, using RAC for the repository can protect your from lock-ups due to instance failure.  Remember, when the infrastructure repository is not available, users cannot access the SSO login server, and the whole enterprise stops.  Because the infrastructure is such a critical component of Oracle9iAS, using a high-availability tool such as Oracle9i RAC clusters guarantees continuous availability for the enterprise because Oracle Transparent Application Failover (TAF) component will automatically continue processing any in-flight transactions if there is a failure on any Iasdb instance.

The Oracle9iAS administrator must be able to manage and administer the infrastructure instance and Oracle has several tools to aid in the process.  Letís take a quick review of the infrastructure administration tasks.

Starting and Stopping the Infrastructure

While performing general maintenance and backups, the Oracle9iAS administrator must stop and re-start the infrastructure instance.  Because of its tight coupling to important Oracle9iAS components, the infrastructure database must be started in a specific order.  While the startup procedures for the infrastructure are the same as any other Oracle database, we must remember that iasdb must be running before other Oracle9iAS components are started.  Here is the order of Iasdb startup steps:

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