Oracle9iAS Architectural Overview

Beginning with the Oracle Web server product in the 1990s, Oracle has continuously improved and streamlined its products into a comprehensive solution for Web based applications.

Oracle9iAS is the latest incarnation in a long evolution of Oracle application products.  Starting in the mid 1990’s with Oracle WebServer and Oracle Application Server (OAS), Oracle9iAS has evolved into an extremely sophisticated system of inter-related modules, all of which can be configured according to your specifications.  There are two ways to view Oracle9iAS, one from a functional level and another from an architectural level.  Let’s begin with an architectural overview of Oracle9iAS.

The Oracle9iAS Multi-tiered Model

As Oracle products evolved into a multi-tiered architecture, we started to see Oracle products reside at several “tiers” or hardware levels.  These tiers are layers that represent hardware layers, with each tier being comprised of one or more servers. (Figure 1.1).  Because of the flexibility of Oracle9iAS, Oracle shops can adopt a two-tiered, three-tiered, or four-tiered model.  As a general rule, the larger system will have more levels and more servers at each level.

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