Pursing Oracle Certified Masters credentials

People often ask me is it is worth the money to pursue an Oracle Certified Masters (OCM) certificate.  The OCM is a relatively new program, but it has far more "expert" status than the OCP for several reasons:

   - Candidates must demonstrate "hands-on" ability to manage an Oracle database

   - OCM holders names are proudly listed on the Oracle web site.

For those who are certified professionals (medical doctor, CPA, certified professional engineer), I would suggest the Oracle Certified Masters (OCM), a challenging two-day Oracle practicum test, where you prove that you can install, configure, manage and tune an Oracle database.

If you have the time (40-80 hours study time) and money (about $3k, I think), it's a great companion to other professional certifications. Better still, the OCM is considered more of an "expert" status certification, and Oracle publishes the names of OCM holders on their website.

Why an OCM certification?

Unlike the OCP (a written test which has turned-out thousands of Oracle certified beginners), the OCM is a challenging hands-on practicum where the OCM candidate must demonstrate that they possess the minimum skills to install, configure and maintain an Oracle database.

With less than 300 OCM holders worldwide, the OCM is somewhat prestigious, plus the OCM shows that you have the ability to install and create an Oracle database.

The values of Oracle certification are the source of much debate, and it is somewhat tarnished from the older Certified Oracle Masters (COM) certificates, which were issued in the 1990's for Oracle University students who has attended a series of training classes.

In my opinion, the best Oracle certification of all was the Oracle 7 Chauncy certification because it required the candidate to present evidence that they had real-world work experience.

Read more here about why the OCM is great for specific Oracle professions:



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