Tuning with Materialized Views

Materialized views are one of the single most important SQL tuning tools and they are a true silver bullet, allowing you to pre-join complex views and pre-compute summaries for super-fast response time. This is a brief introduction to tuning with materialized views, but I've devoted over a hundred pages to SQL tuning with materialized views in my book "Oracle Tuning: The Definitive Reference".

Materialized views perform miracles in our goal to reduce repetitive I/O. Materialized views were first introduced in Oracle8, and in Oracle9i MV's were enhanced to allow very fast dynamic creation of complex objects. Materialized views allow sub-second response times by pre-computing aggregate information, and Oracle9i dynamically rewrites SQL queries to reference existing materialized views. In this article, we continue our discussion of materialized views and discuss how to set up and configure your Oracle database to use this powerful new feature. We begin with a look at the initialization parameters and continue with details of the effective management and use of materialized views.

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