Understanding Oracle LDAP

The Oracle Internet Directory (OID) is a Lightweight Director Access Protocol (LDAP) directory service that provides centralized storage of information about users, applications, and resources in your enterprise. Coupled with SSO, OID allows end-users to sign-on one time and use their pre-defined OID credential (set-up by the DBA). This credential defines those components of Oracle9iAS with which the end-user is allowed to interface.

Because it is LDAP-compliant, OID can be viewed as a simple lookup mechanism for web services. For example, LDAP entries can be used instead of entries in the traditional tnsnames.ora file, thereby allowing connectivity for clients anywhere on your network. This techniques has replaced the obsolete Oracle*Names tool as a method for defining services for Oracle.

In sum, OID is an easy-to-configure tool for defining end-user access with Oracle9iAS. Because OID is tightly-coupled with SSO and Oracle advanced security, OID is a critical component is Oracle security management.

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