Secret internals of temporary tables

While tools like Oracle analytics are great for solving complex problems using only SQL, the cryptic syntax and funky performance are less than idea for production shops where maintainability and fast performance are primary goals.

Oracle has the Global Temporary table (GTT) and the SQL-99 WITH clause to allow us to decompose a large and complex query into its components.  This divide and conquer approach to SQL programming can make is easy to solve complex problems, and with much faster performance!

See here, how to use temporary tables to hypercharge SQL:

This approach has been very popular and it has led to a need for more knowledge of the complex internals of temporary tables.

- How to index a temporary table?

- How to customize CBO statistics on a temporary table?

- When to use dynamic sampling on a temporary table?

- How is a global temporary tables different than a WITH clause table?

- How to see the individual TEMP space used by a session's temporary table:

See these notes on secrets for temporary tables including:

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And now for something completely different:

I always like to teach Oracle by analogy, and visualization can help a newbie understand Oracle concepts.

Have a gander at some of my more outlandish Oracle visual concapts:

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