Advanced tips for HTML-DB Application Express

Very recently, Oracle has decided that free may be the way to go on many of their software packages.  They have released a free SQL Development tool (SQL Developer), a free database (Oracle XE), free filesystems (OCFS, OCFS2), and a free fast application development environment (Application Express).  It is the latter on which we will be focusing.

Oracle touts Application Express (called ApEx throughout this whitepaper) as a rapid application development framework, capable of making both simple and complex application for the web that accommodate all needs.  Most users develop with the most basic of its abilities.  This paper aims to show you the more advanced capabilities of ApEx, and how you can use it to develop complex and feature-rich environments.

I will show little-known techniques for performing complex screen interfaces and leveraging JavaScript and special techniques for large-scale systems development.  This includes embedding JavaScript, page content, and other advanced functions.  Click here to read more about HTML-DB features:


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