I want to be an Oracle DBA when I grow up!

Every year, young computer professionals leave the hallowed halls and ivory towers of college and survey the landscape for computer jobs.  They look at the salary surveys and drool at the prospect of earning up to $250k per year as a DBA.  Many of them don't know what a DBA does, but they sure like the money.  Also see these related articles:

Since I've been a DBA for 25 years I'm often asked "How do I become a DBA?", many from neophytes who are enticed with the glamour and power of the DBA role.

While being a DBA is exciting and lucrative, it's a career choice that requires years of preparation.  The most important thing to remember is that the job of a DBA requires a 24x7 commitment.  Being an Oracle DBA can be a very stressful, thankless job, and many DBA jobs require the DBA to be on-call on Thanksgiving and Christmas to perform downtime maintenance.  Plus, the DBA is expected to constantly keep-up with the rapidly-changing technology, working nights and weekends on a regular basis.

It's not uncommon for a DBA to earn as much as a mid-level manager, and the high pay is a double-edged sword.  The DBA must constantly justify their salary, and a good DBA who automates many of their job functions may find themselves looking for a new job.

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