Tips for hiring the best Oracle professionals

Oracle employers are going to great expense to ensure that their new Oracle DBA's will not pose a risk to their mission-critical data. The stakes are high, and the new is full of reports of companies that have lost millions of dollars due to the immoral behavior of database professionals.

- In Florida, William Sullivan faces accusations that he stole millions of records from the database, selling his employers mission-critical data to a data broker.
- In California, Jennifer Adams, 45, an IT systems administrator, allegedly orchestrated a tax fraud scheme that scammed the government out of more than $50,000.

I do a lot of work interviewing Oracle DBA's for large corporations, and more than ever before, it's critical to accurately access a professional for a trusted position.  You need to perform extensive background checks.

- Credit check:  People who do not pay their bills on time have no respect for their obligations. 

- Criminal check:  While it may be OK to have a few parking tickets, we disqualify people who do not pay their tickets because it indicates disrespect for the law.

- Immoral acts:  Screening job applicants for immoral behavior is an important job when hiring Oracle DBA staff.

- Surprise drug testing:  A random urinalysis is an absolute requirement, and I do it right after the on-site interview, marching them straight to the nurse’s office. 

Read below and see how to screen for the right personality type to be a production support DBA:


And now for something completely different:

I support a drug free workplace, and I recent talked to a manager who had an employee drug test some back as "inhuman"!

That's right, somebody used animal urine to try to fool a drug test!

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