Finding trends and signatures for proactive tuning

One shortcoming with reactive tuning approaches like Oracle's automatic memory management (AMM) is that it is reactive, and it waits until a problem is signaled before taking remedial actions.  To be truly proactive, we must develop techniques that will analyze repeating trends and identify processing signatures.

These trends, in turn, will predict changes in workload characteristics.  If you know in-advance when a workload is going to change, you can adjust the SGA just-in-time to accommodate the new workload, fixing the issue before it bothers your end-user community.

This is the idea behind creating a self-tuning Oracle database, a proactive technique that I've been working on for over a decade.

To get started, you must use AWR or STATSPACK queries to identify changing workloads, analyzed in a linear regression, as well as by hour-of-the-day and day-of-the-week.  Once you do this, "signatures" will become apparent, and you will see when your workload changes, the first step in proactive self-tuning for an Oracle database.

I'm excited to announce that after years of work, I've finally completed a comprehensive tool for identifying hidden trends and signatures, Ion for Oracle.  Ion uses applied artificial intelligence to remove the tedium from proactive analysis, leaving you free to do the intuitive work:

To see how you can visualize your database you can download Ion Lite here (limited fucntionality), and this coupon allows you to try it for only $29.95:


For more on techniques, see the link below and see how predictive analytics forms the foundation for a self-tuning database:

Can you see your Oracle bottlenecks?

After several years of hard work, Ion for Oracle is finally available for general release.  Ion is unlike any other Oracle tool on the market, a tool that encapsulates expert techniques to allow a DBA to quickly visualize important trends and signatures.

Predictive analytics if the key to repairing Oracle problems before they cripple your database, and I created Ion for Oracle to allow any DBA to quickly identify changing workloads and unobtrusive patterns of data access.  To try Ion for free, see here:


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