Are Oracle RAC clusters the right fit for your database?

Oracle’s Real Application Clusters (RAC) product is a great temptation for DBAs and businesses alike.  What could be better than 24x7 availability, true scalability, rock-bottom hardware prices due to commodity servers, high performance, and maximum user concurrency?  It all sounds like a miracle piece of software, well worth the extra cost and implementation.

But RAC is not right for every Oracle database.  Click below to see how to determine if RAC is right for you:


Need a Health Check?

Oracle is the worlds most complex and robust database and there are hundreds of sub-optimal setting that can cripple your database performance.

BC has a great Oracle health check where we identify all database bottlenecks to ensure that your mission-critical system is running at optimal speeds.

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Need Oracle Training?

The very best Oracle training comes from Burleson Consulting, where you get an on-site visit by an experienced Oracle expert and author.  Whether it's one-on-one mentoring or getting a customized on-site Oracle training class, there is no substitute for BC Oracle training.  Just call me at 919-783-4133 for details, and check-out our on-site Oracle training catalog: