It's easy to enable Data Guard fast start failover if you follow these simple steps.

Prerequisites for enabling fast_start_failover include:

Enable fast_start failover you must have a working set of primary / standby databases.

Both databases must be in flashback mode.

Verify your Data Guard configuration with OEM.  You will need to review your Data Guard property.
lsc01 my primary, lsc05 my standby

edit database lsc01 set LogXptMode='SYNC';
edit database lsc01 set FastStartFailoverTarget= 'lsc05'
edit database lsc05 set LogXptMode='SYNC';
edit database lsc05 set FastStartFailoverTarget= 'lsc01'


Next, you need to start the fast_start failover observer  (using th Data Guard dgmgrl -silent "start observer" command.  You submit this dgmgrl command in the background with the nohup command so it is always running as a daemon process.:
nohup dgmgrl -silent sys/*** "start observer" &

Note: it does not work if you connect with /. You will get DGM-16979 if you use / or if you use different passwords in standby and primary.   Now that we have the fast_start failover prerequisites, you can enable fast_start failover in dgmgrl:

DGMGRL> enable fast_start failover

Read more, complete directions on how to enable fast-start failover:


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