Pardon me, would you care to CTAS?

If you don't want to use dbms_redefinition, the Create Table As Select (CTAS) statement is one method for reorganizing an Oracle table or moving the table to another tablespace. Instead of spending hours setting up parameter files and job steps, you can copy and rename the table in three simple SQL statements. The CTAS statement can be used to change storage parameters for a table (INITIAL, NEXT, FREELISTS) and also change the physical sequence of the table rows. CTAS has the following syntax:

create table xxx_new
tablespace new_tablespace_name
storage (initial new_initial next new_next freelists new_freelist_number )
select * from xxx
order by primary_index_key_values;

There are several ways to execute CTAS to reorganize table; many of the options depend upon the version of Oracle and the particular configuration of the Oracle database.

Read more about the CTAS here:


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