Create Oracle-enabled web pages with PHP

PHP is one among the most popular modern scripting languages like Perl, Python, Ruby or Java. PHP differs from the other scripting languages by being designed from the grounds up to work within a web server and by being designed to work with web applications.

Oracle with PHP has proven to be a great way to embed Oracle calls inside web pages. In any database the "calls" (SQL statements) are embedded within the language and a mechanism must exist for send the calls and receiving the results.,

Mladen Gogala has the only book on the subject "Easy Oracle PHP: Create Dynamic Web Pages with Oracle Data", and excellent book of Oracle PHP tips and techniques.

- See ready-to-use examples for connecting to Oracle with PHP
- Learn templates for extracting Oracle data in PHP
- Create dynamic web content with PHP and Oracle
- See real-world techniques for writing parameterized PHP Oracle queries
- Understand how to update Oracle from PHP

Christopher Jones, a technical consultant at Oracle Corp., has similar issues with PHP. "Installation is the biggest problem of all…We need to make sure PHP is easier to adopt," he said. The key to the future of PHP, according to Jones, is "Integration, integration, integration."

For this, IBM has proposed using Service Data Objects (SDO) and Service Component Architecture (SCA). The goal being to "make it simple for you to do what the big guys can do," said Burr.

If you want to learn Oracle and PHP, this is the book to see:


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