The high costs of Oracle data breaches

Maintaining Oracle data security is essential, and all Oracle managers have a fiduciary responsibility to protect confidential information.  The Oracle professional must be aware of the financial risk associated with inadvertent disclosure of their Oracle data.

Whether it's an external breach (hacker attack) or internal data management malfeasance (i.e. using an overseas remote DBA provider), disclosure of confidential data has expensive consequences, and these costs can be identified.


Insider job are by far the greatest area of Oracle data loss, as I recount in my Oracle hackers horror stories

This data loss calculator from Tech/404 notes existing costs for data breaches and creates a cost calculator for determining the financial loss from exposure of Oracle data. 


Iíve seen firsthand how choosing a bargain offshore Oracle remote DBA provider has lead to widespread data theft, leaving the customer with little or no legal recourse. Many Oracle shops choose their remote DBA provider within the USA because of our strict data protection statutes.


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