Inside Oracle Cloud Computing

Cloud computing has been touted as a radical “paradigm shift”, where IT power is delivered to an application over the internet as you need it, rather than drawn from a centralized server.

What they don’t want you to know is that cloud computing is a new name for a feature that’s almost half a century old! Back in the olden-days of data processing, customers rented all of the resources they needed, software, disk, CPU and RAM, all under the umbrella of a MVS mainframe, and they were billed according to their actual usage.

These cloud computing announcements in the media are complete nonsense, and the idea of “cloud computing” is nothing new. Back in the 1980’s, companies regularly rented usage of mainframe computers to third parties, and the mechanisms for apportioning shared computing resources have been around for almost half a century.

Read more about Oracle's implementation of cloud computing and learn the truth behind the hype: 


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