How to avoid an Oracle layoff

In this down economy, companies are forced to make tough decisions. Layoffs have become commonplace, even among Oracle professionals. When a corporation is forced to trim their Oracle professional workforce, they commonly hire outside risk assessment advisors to determine which people are to be laid off.

I have participated in this unsavory process on many occasions, where I am charged with determining which Oracle employees will retain their jobs and which will be terminated. This process generally starts with an unobtrusive analysis of the Oracle professionals and includes the obvious criteria like measuring the quality and quantity of their work product; however, we also look at habits, e-mail habits and web surfing histories.

The goal is to identify those professionals who are indispensible to the ongoing success of the database and separate out those who contribute less to the bottom line. This is especially challenging when evaluating Oracle DBAs because one of the hallmarks of a good DBA is a database that rarely experienced an unplanned outage. Hence, the best DBAs are often those who have automated their tasks and use carefully crafted jobs to monitor and tune their workloads.

Read below some important tips for avoiding layoffs and getting fired from an Oracle job:

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Using the principles of decision support systems technology, BC has developed an important new Oracle tuning tool, Ion for Oracle.  Ion quickly isolate the reports on the important optimization issues, separating the wheat from the chaff like no other performance tuning software.

After several years of hard work, Ion for Oracle is finally available for general release.  Ion is unlike any other Oracle tool on the market, a tool that encapsulates expert techniques to allow a DBA to quickly visualize important trends and signatures.

Predictive analytics if the key to repairing Oracle problems before they cripple your database, and I created Ion for Oracle to allow any DBA to quickly identify changing workloads and unobtrusive patterns of data access.  To try Ion for free, see here:


Need a Health Check?

Oracle is the world's most complex and robust database and there are hundreds of sub-optimal setting that can cripple your database performance.

Burleson Consulting has a great Oracle health check where we identify all database bottlenecks to ensure that your mission critical system is running at optimal speeds.

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