Manage Oracle application server with OEM

The Oracle10gAS Enterprise Manager Console is the central management component for Oracle10gAS. The core of Oracle10gAS EM is the EM console page. From the EM central console you can manage most of the areas of Oracle9iAS on multiple servers.

If you have installed the infrastructure component of Oracle10gAS (iasdb database repository), then the default EM console page will be the EM Farm page. The Farm page is the highest level of the EM pages and is used to administer all instances within your Oracle10gAS configuration. As a quick review, let make sure that we understand the Oracle10gAS component hierarchy, from the bottom-up:

Instances - In Oracle10gAS, each J2EE app server or infrastructure is called an “instance” (not to be confused with an Oracle database instance, which is quite different).

Clusters - In Oracle10gAS a “cluster” is an arbitrary collection of instances.

Farms - In Oracle10gAS, a “farm” is a collection of instances and clusters that comprise your Oracle9iAS system and share a common repository database (iasdb).

As we see, Oracle10gAS defines a hierarchy of components, instances, clusters and farms. Each farm may have many clusters, each cluster may have many instances and each instance may have many Oracle9iAS components. It is your job as the Oracle10gAS administrator to configure your components, instances clusters and farms according to the processing requirements of your application.

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