Learn Oracle application server Farms

Now that we understand the basic configuration of multiple Oracle9iAS instance, it’s important to recognize the sub-partitioning within the App Server layer. Oracle9iAS provides two levels of collections with the App Server layer, allowing the Oracle9iAS administrator flexibility in the creation of multiple Oracle9iAS instances:

- Instances - In Oracle9iAS, an instance is defined as a collection of processes required to run a component within an application server instance. A instance is made up of one or more Java containers and the support structure needed to support them. The Oracle9iAS Infrastructure is an instance with a supporting database to store metadata.

- Clusters - In Oracle9iAS a “cluster” is an arbitrary collection of instances that are part of the same farm and also shared a common configuration and J2EE applications..

- Farms - In Oracle9iAS, a “farm” is a collection of instances and clusters that comprise your Oracle9iAS system and share a common repository infrastructure.

In sum, a farm is any related group of Oracle9iAS instances sharing a repository, while a cluster must share a common definition and J2EE applications

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