Using AJAX with Oracle

Oracle Application Express (ApEx) has all the makings of a wonderful product.  It provides rapid development, itís easy to learn, and best of all, itís free.  The one critical thing that has been missing from the Application Express product is speed for the end user.

While anyone can jump in, and with a weekendís time make a basic page with a report, a couple branches, and a validation or two, the more experienced developer realizes that when it comes to the client, speed is of the essence.  While adding more features, processes, and pages is easy and can make for stunning applications, it ends up slowing down the experience for anyone actually using the apps.  The purpose of this presentation is to show that Application Express users can have their cake and eat it too.  With Application Express and AJAX, the developer can create   high-content pages without the need for page refreshes in order to pull data from the database.

Read more about how to use APEX with Oracle here:


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