Tracking & auditing changes to your init.ora parameters

A very important auditing task for any production database is the ability to track changes to the powerful initialization parameters.  Many of these parameters are "silver bullets", single parameters that have a profound impact on system-wide behavior.  This is especially true for SQL optimizer changes. 

A single change to an optimizer parameter might effect thousands of SQL statements, a disaster in a controlled production environment.

Auditing changes to init.ora parameters (via pfile or spfile) is an important DBA task.  Sometimes, users which have alter system privilege can make unauthorized changes to the initialization parameters in the spfile on a production database.  Hence, auditing changes to parameters is a critical DBA task.

Learn how to simply audit these changes:

Can you see your database trends?

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How do I do that in Oracle?

Explore this series for a collection of tips that explain in detail how to perform specific tasks in Oracle related to database administration. Consisting of expert advice from top Oracle gurus, these how-tos provide step-by-step instructions to guide you through database administration processes related to installation and upgrades, backup and recovery and other Oracle basics.,294698,sid41_gci1351260,00.html?mo=1&Offer=ORtextad0406tech