EM Commands with ecmctl

The emctl utility is used to manage all aspects of the Enterprise Manager console.  While the EM console is greatly useful for managing components of Oracle9iAS, the console itself must be managed. For example, all EM servers must have a running EM agent and the emctl command line utility can be used to start or stop OEM, OMS or any OEM agent.  OMS (Oracle Management Service) is used with Oracle Enterprise Manager for centralized management of all Oracle products installed. 

EM Console commands
for Oracle9iAS

OEM agent commands

OMS Commands

emctl start em

emctl start agent

emctl start oms

emctl stop em

emctl stop agent

emctl stop oms

emctl status em

emctl status agent

emctl status oms

Managing Oracle9iAS with opmctl

The Oracle Process Managed Node (OPMN) uses the opmctl utility is responsible for managing all Oracle9iAS server processes.  The powerful startall and stopall commands will manage all Oracle9iAS server components.  Unless a tier consists of a stand-alone component such as the Web Cache, opmnctl should be used rather than the separate component control program.

Start OPMN, DCM, and all components:

opmnctl startall

Stop OPMN, DCM, and all components:

opmnctl stopall

There may be times when you want to stop and re-start all OPMN and DCM processes on your servers.  The following shell script will perform this function

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