Oracle 11g RAC Provisioning Pack Tips

This is a work in progress excerpt from the book "Oracle 11g New Features" by Rampant TechPress.

Oracle RAC is the Cadillac of high-availability utilities, and Oracle 11g has now made it easier to implement a robust Grid solution.

A pragmatic approach to Oracle scalability

While RAC is the obvious choice for high availability, many Oracle professionals misunderstand the best way to plan for fast scalability.  These tips on Oracle scalability note that savvy Oracle shops start with a "scale up" approach, adding computing resources within a large monolithic server, and only using Oracle Grid computing (scale out, a.k.a. horizontal scaling) only after a single server has been saturated.

In general, the following are competing approaches to scaling:

Scale Up (vertical scaling)

Oracle hardware vendors promise on-demand computing resources, lower TCO, and easy scalability. Their huge servers offer savings from CPU and RAM consolidation, far less human management costs, and seamless allocation of resources.

Read more about the vertical scaling approach, the horizontal scaling approach and other aspects of provisioning:


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