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Don Burleson Blog 







Using PL/SQL with DB2

Oracle Database Tips by Donald BurlesonSeptember 17,  2015

Question:  I have a staff of trained PL/SQL programmers who need to access a remote IBM DB2 database.  I know all about heterogeneous services, but I've heard that it is possible to execute SQL for DB2 from inside PL/SQL.  Is this true, PL/SQL supports a DB2 interface?  If so, how does one communicate from PL/SQL to DB2?

Answer:  Oracle's PL/SQL procedural language is a very flexible 4th generation ADA-like language and you are correct, you can communicate with DB2 with either heterogeneous services services or the UTL_SMTP package, within PL/SQL.

Communicating with DB2 from inside PL/SQL (which resides inside Oracle) allows for easy data sharing between these different database products, all within the robust programming framework of PL/SQL.

Rampant TechPress author and Oracle ACE Lewis Cunningham has this PL/SQL which communicates with DB2 directly from inside Oracle, using the UTL_SMTP package:


   conn UTL_SMTP.connection;

   reply UTL_SMTP.reply;

   msg VARCHAR2(1024);

   sender VARCHAR2(255) DEFAULT 'demo\';

   recipients VARCHAR2(255);

   subject VARCHAR2(255) DEFAULT 'Quick notification';

   crlf VARCHAR2(2);



  crlf := UTL_TCP.CRLF;

  FOR row IN (SELECT first_name, email FROM customer) LOOP

      DBMS_OUTPUT.PUT_LINE('Sending test email to customer ' || row.first_name || '...');

      recipients :=;

      msg := 'FROM: ' || sender || crlf ||

                'TO: ' || recipients || crlf ||

                'SUBJECT: ' || subject || crlf ||

                crlf ||

                'Hi ' || row.first_name || ', this is a test notification.';

      UTL_SMTP.OPEN_CONNECTION('', 25, conn, 10, reply );

      UTL_SMTP.HELO(conn, 'localhost');

      UTL_SMTP.MAIL(conn, sender);

      UTL_SMTP.RCPT(conn, recipients);

      UTL_SMTP.DATA(conn, msg);






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