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Terry C is an Oracle Certified DBA with more than 25 years of full-time IT experience.  Certified in client-server and LAN technologies by DePaul University, Terry has extensive experience troubleshooting and tuning database networks. 

An acknowledge Oracle Windows expert, Terry has published in Oracle Internals Magazine and has over a decade of Oracle experience working with mission-critical Oracle systems.  Terry specializes in Oracle tuning and troubleshooting and is noted for his ability to quickly identify and correct Oracle production problems.





Hands-on visionary able to leverage legacy investments while implementing process re-engineering strategies incorporating cutting-edge technology into long-term growth plans.  Experience includes:





SQL Server




Oracle DBA A Certified Oracle Professional with experience in the implementation of a large-scale Oracle ERP system.  Proficient in PL/SQL and Oracle utilities






Oracle Net8


Network Designer & Administrator Experienced with the design, implementation, and administration of Microsoft networks (NT & 2000) in a LAN/WAN environment including Citrix and Terminal Server

Web Developer Developed and implemented production web sites using Microsoft FrontPage




Shell Scripts




UNIX Administrator HP/UX, Sun Solaris, and Linux ...  shell scripts.








Assembler Programmer Extensive experience with BAL, and EXCP level coding on MVS mainframes

Cobol Programmer - Competent Cobol programmer, familiar with JCL and MVS/CICS utilities (IEBGENER, IDCAMS, IEFBR14)

ISPF Developer Customizes and extends TSO and ISPF functionality using CLISTs and Dialog Manager


Windows 9x

NT Workstation

2000 Pro

XP Pro


MS-Office Expert - Word, Excel, PowerPoint, FrontPage, Outlook, Access, Visio, Project, Publisher




Consulting experience:

Lebensart Inc - Phoenix AZ


  • Developed Oracle batch scripts to simulate korn shell scripts to run in a Windows environment

  • Implemented Windows scheduler for Oracle script automation

  • Installed and utilized an e-mail gateway for automated alert notification in a Windows environment

  • Migrated Oracle system from Windows to Solaris environment using Exp / Imp utilities

  • Performed Oracle object sizing for new environment data and index tablespaces


Name withheld due to non-disclosure - Vancouver, CA


  • Migrated from 8k to 16k block size

  • Debugged connectivity issues and stabilized environment

  • Implemented new very large memory (VLM) techniques for increasing SGA beyond 1.7GB limit in a 32-bit Intel environment

  • Removed MTS and achieved higher connection rates with dedicated connections

  • Provided SQL tuning hints to developers

Centennial Medical Systems


  • Performed detailed repair of Oracle database corruption

Trover Health Care Louisville, KY


  • Investigated and patched ORA-0600 errors

  • Worked with Oracle technical Support to repair data dictionary corruption

  • Worked to resolve in-doubt transactions with Oracle distributed queries

  • Installed STATSPACK and specialized monitoring scripts

  • Customized and installed Oracle server and database exception reporting scripts

  • Automated Oracle processes in Solaris using crontab


Szabo Inc Atlanta GA

  • Performed detailed capacity planning analysis with predictive models

  • Assisted in the development of Oracle reporting infrastructure

DesignWorks USA San Jose, CA


  • Troubleshooting of RAM PGA errors and stabilized Oracle database.

Calvary Inc New York


  • Identified and repaired performance problem related to Incomplete object statistics

  • Resolved ORA-0600 error using dbms_stats.gather_schema_stats

  • Performed Oracle online redo log balancing

  • Performed archive log relocation for improved performance

  • Installed STATSPACK and performed detailed internal Oracle tuning

  • Applied critical Oracle patches to support 9203 upgrade

  • Implemented very large memory (VLM) techniques for increasing SGA beyond 1.7GB limit in a 32-bit Intel environment

Full-Time experience:


Monona Wire Corporation

1998 - 2002

      Led the selection and implementation of a new corporate ERP system (Oracle Applications) for improved decision making, centralized control, and reduced resource requirements

         Directed the development of a custom shop floor control system (Visual Basic & Java) integrated with the Oracle Apps. ERP system for improved workflow efficiencies

         Designed and developed the corporate web site and corporate intranet for internal documentation

         Implemented a mixed HP-UNIX, NT Server (BackOffice), LAN/WAN environment with Internet link

       Designed and implemented a communications infrastructure servicing 10 remote manufacturing sites, integrating both data and voice over a frame relay network, eliminating internal long distance charges



Newark Electronics Corporation

1989 - 1998



        Supported a multi-platform (IBM mainframe, NT Server, AS/400 RISC) infrastructure servicing 75 sales branches, 2 call centers and 2 major distribution centers (1200 user interactive environment).

         Established PC Support / Help Desk functions. Managed nation-wide training for e-mail users.

         Designed and managed the installation and support of a multi-server Windows NT (SQL Server, Exchange, SNA Server, SMS, IIS) based Local Area Network including a high-speed Internet connection, improving internal and customer communications 

         Provided infrastructure and support for the replacement of legacy MVS mainframe systems with an AS/400 based ERP system (SSA BPCS) for improved business productivity and customer service

         Directed the DBA staff in the management of relational databases on each of the computing platforms (ADABAS, DB2/400, SQL Server), providing a reliable foundation for core business systems

         Stabilized and enhanced a large scale IBM (CMOS) legacy environment consisting of MVS/ESA (OS/390), CICS, ADABAS, IMS, and Computer Associates automation products

         Standardized the network of computing equipment and software for significant cost savings

         Developed Disaster Recovery plans, procedures, and policies for the Business Resumption Process


TCL Associates

1987 - 1989

         Development / implementation of an interactive database membership system for a major travel club (COBOL, CICS, DB/2)

         Customization and implementation of automated accounting for an independent gasoline distributor (Peach Tree)

         Conversion to a multi-user, LAN based, financial system for a janitorial service

         Implementation of LAN technology for an independent insurance broker (Novell)




1977 - 1987


Responsible for the overall coordination and management of a large scale IBM Mainframe data center.  Directed a technical and professional staff of 60+ with fiscal/budgetary responsibilities for over $3 million.  Major areas of responsibility included computer operations, voice and data communications, physical and data security, contingency planning, facility maintenance, capacity planning, change management, and technical training.  Accomplishments included:

         Developed much of the core software required to support customer needs (COBOL, BAL)

         Introduced and supported database technology for improved data storage and retrieval (ADABAS)

         Directed construction of and relocation to a new data center resulting in major cost savings

         Directed the conversion from a batch to an interactive environment for improved customer service (TSO/ISPF)

         Implemented Personal Computer Technologies for improved customer response levels

         Directed all technical and training upgrades for operations and technical staffs




  EDUCATION & Certifications


                        Bachelor of Science, Roosevelt University


Technical Certifications

Information Technology, Honeywell Institute

Client/Server Technology, DePaul University

Local Area Networking, DePaul University

Oracle Certified Professional DBA, Oracle Corporation





                     Network and Systems Professionals Association (NaSPA)