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    Raquel is one of the premier Oracle Applications instructors with over 20 years of progressive real-world experience in computer applications.  Raquel is an Oracle Certified Master with a degree in Business Administration and extensive experience teaching Oracle eBusiness Suite functional courses including HRMS, Financials, iProcurement/Purchasing, Order Management, Project Accounting and Collections.

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Raquel has over twenty years of experience in all phases of design, development, and implementation of computer applications. She is fluent in Spanish, and English. She has worked for clients within manufacturing, communications, retail sales, financial institutions, government and military (USA and Foreign).

She has experience with the US Air Force Financial, Transportation, and Commissary systems. She was very critical for the Government of Paraguay to secure IMF Funding. She enabled Paraguay Corporate Organizations to submit and process corporate taxes and financial documents via the Internet using Oracle Financials Suite and Customized Applications.

She enabled a large Mexican Manufacturing Center to gain better control and forecasting of Budgets by consolidating several sets of books to a single corporate set of books. She has in-depth knowledge and expertise in multi-language, multi-organization and multi-currency business financial structures.
Her areas of expertise include Global Oracle Financials (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, and Fixed Assets), Oracle iProcurement/Purchasing, Inventory, Oracle Order Management, Oracle Human Resources, Recruitment, Time & Labor, and Payroll Interface.

Raquel is adept at facilitating sessions defining user requirements, developing and delivering end-user training, creating and maintaining project schedules, and preparing and presenting project briefings to executives. She has management, functional human resources and technical application development experience.

Professional Experience

Oracle Applications HR, Payroll, Self-Service HR 11.5.10
Military/Government Sector

She provided Project Management support for the implementation project for the Ministry of Defense implementation in Baghdad, Iraq. The project was and is being funded under the USAF Joint Military programs. She was critical in installing a “Proof of Concept” out of the box implementation for the Ministry of Defense (MOD) in Baghdad, Iraq. Her work was conducted remotely. The system is used to support the MOD troop movement and planning functionality as well as maintaining pay, identification, and education information on each member. She was also responsible for the formation of education modules for HR, Payroll and Self-Service HR in both Arabic and English using Tutor.

Oracle Applications Instructor 11.5.10
Commercial Sector

Oracle Financials, Project Accounting, Engineering, Inventory, Procurement, and Order Management: She provided complete Oracle Financials (General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets), Order Management, Engineering, Inventory and Project Accounting (Costing and Billing) training support for a large Solar Energy company with world-wide locations. She developed the training material used to train users in Oracle Financials (GL, AP, AR, FA), Order Management, Engineering, Inventory and Project Accounting (Costing and Billing). She customized the labs and power point slide presentations provided by Oracle University Spain.

Oracle Financials 11.5.10
Commercial Sector

She provided complete Oracle Financials (General Ledger, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Fixed Assets) Implementation and Configuration support for a large Israeli Cell Phone company. She developed APIs used to load Vendor data and Trading Community Architecture data.

Oracle Applications Instructor
Commercial Sector

She held the role of Lead Applications Instructor She built custom Instructor and Classroom instruction material and labs used by a world leading Coffee Distributor and Coffee Restaurant Chain to provide training in Oracle Order Management. She lead end-user training courses in Oracle Order Management version 10.5.10

Oracle Applications Instructor
Commercial Sector

She held the role of Lead Applications Instructor She delivered client site training in Oracle Collections version 11.5.10 for a Leading Airline for Latin America. She was critical in identifying work arounds for client unique processes at their Regional offices in Latin America.

Oracle Applications Implementation
Commercial Sector

Oracle Project Accounting (Costing and Billing), Oracle iProcurement/Purchasing, Oracle Financials (General Ledger, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Oracle Assets: She held the position as a Team Senior Functional Consultant with an Internationally recognized Construction firm implementing. Oracle Projects allowed the client to track costs on projects with rentals, downtime, “Owned Assets”, across the board for both internal and external projects. She configured iProcurement and Purchasing to allow buyers to purchase ongoing standardized construction materials. Implemented On-Line XML Catalogs.

Oracle Applications Implementation
Commercial Sector

Oracle Financials Suite Implementation Consultant: The client was maintaining over $5 Million dollars in ‘Return to Vendor’ credit memos on an Excel Spreadsheets. She was tasked to build automated interfaces from their proprietary Inventory, Sales, Procurement system, PIOS to their proprietary payment receiving system, GetPaid and Oracle Accounts Payable, Receivable, General Ledger and Fixed Assets. She created an interface to load Vendors as Customers, match Vendor Invoices to Credit Memos from Accounts Payable, AP, to Accounts Receivable, AR, to reduce vendor payments in AP and generate Customer Invoices to vendors in AR to interface with GetPaid. She created Auto Invoicing and Auto lockbox processes.

Oracle Applications Consultant
Commercial Sector

Oracle Financials General Ledger Consultant: She was the Senior Principal Consultant for the Consolidation Sets of Books in General Ledger version 11.5.6 for the Industrial Group in Saltillo, Mexico. The group has 5 subsidiary sets of books each with the same Currency, Calendar and Account Segment Structure. Each subsidiary set of books has 5 to 10 companies with estimated revenues of 1 Billion US dollars. She was the key consultant developing their Consolidation System for improved financial control and reporting. Assisted in the configuration and installation of iProcurement/Purchasing 11i.

Oracle Applications Implementation
Commercial Sector

Oracle iProcurement/Purchasing Implementation Consultant: She was involved with the maintenance, upgrade and support services for Oracle iProcurement, Purchasing, Workflow and language support in Spanish, Chinese, Brazilian Portuguese and English. She assisted the developers of each the GE Companies in the support of Oracle Forms, Reports, PL/SQL, SQL and Workflow in addition to both technical and functional support for iProcurement, Procurement and Workflow. She was the key person for support of GE technical and end users in Spanish and English. Perform business analysis in functional and technical areas publishing those findings for both the technical and user communities. Provide team mentoring, project leadership and marketing of support service to the various General Electric Companies.

Oracle Applications Implementation
Commercial Sector

Oracle Applications Training: She was Responsible for the coordination and planning of the user training for over 700 users migrating from Oracle Applications Financials, Purchasing, Project Accounting and Manufacturing version 10.7 to version 11i. Manage and monitor the Conference Room Pilot (CRP) process for user level software acceptance of Oracle Applications version 11i. Assisted in user support and training for Project Accounting Costing and Billing for migration from 10.7 to 11i. Created budgets to control project costs and task structures to monitor project status. Created both internal (Costing) and external projects (Billing). Assigned key members and assets to projects for internal and external billing of labor and expenses.

Oracle Applications Implementation
Commercial Sector

Oracle iProcurement/Purchasing Applicatins Consultant: She Provided Business Analysis and Process Analysis of a proprietary financial and purchasing system. Assisted the company to determine the best migration path from their current system to Oracle Applications Financials Suite and iProcurment/Purchasing 11i. The company has a manufacturing division for the manufacture and distribution of music media in the form of Tapes and CD's. Assisted with the business analysis and the gap analysis for Purchasing 11i, Manufacturing 11i, Inventory 11i and Order Management 11i. Gap analysis is where you determine the areas where the standard implemented Oracle Application does not fit the clients' requirements. The Company accepted the three-year migration plan that allowed them to migrate systems during low business periods. All of my work was reported to the CIO of the company.

Oracle Applications Implementation
Commercial Sector

Oracle Applications Financials, iProcurement/Purchasing, Manufacturing Modules: She was responsible for performing the migration analysis and sizing for migrating from Informax to Oracle 8i and the Oracle Applications 11i suite of modules for a beverage bottling operation in Panama. She provided business analysis and gap analysis for the client implementing Oracle Applications 11i; Financials (GL, AP, AR FA), Purchasing, Manufacturing; Order Management and Inventory. Provided client staff training to implement and customize the various modules using Forms and Reports V6i. Coca Cola accepted her recommendation to migrate their character based Informax data base system to Oracle 8i running the full suite of Oracle Financial, Manufacturing, CRM and ERP Suites. The CRM modules include Marketing Analyzer, Sales Analyzer and iPurchasing. All of her work was reported to the CFO of both companies.

Oracle Applications Implementation
Commercial Sector

Oracle Applications Financials, HRMS Modules: She was responsible for technical and functional support for Oracle Financial Systems version 10.7 to 11i upgrade for General Ledger, Cash Management, Accounts Payables and Receivables, Project Accounting, Human Resources and Payroll. Developed new reports and forms using Oracle Reports 2.5 and Oracle Forms 4.5. Responsible for development of Budget upload and download interface between third party Budget System and Oracle Project Accounting Budgets, as well as the General Ledger Budgets.

Oracle Applications Instructor
Public Sector

Oracle 10g Developer Instructor: She developed and delivered the training program of GDOT personnel using Oracle SQL, PL/SQL, Forms and Reports versions 6i and 9i using lesson material from Sideris. The classes were for the application development on both client server bases systems as well as web based systems. Additionally, I trained clients in Forms, Reports, PL/SQL and SQL through version 10g throughout the US.

Oracle Developer
Government Sector

Oracle 9i Developer: She was the Project manager and key consultant working on a 9i RDBMS and 9i AS implementation and migration contract with the United Nations and the Ministerio de Hacienda in Paraguay. The client was running 2,000 forms version 3.2 and 1,000 reports version 1.1 with the 7.3.4 RDBMS on a IBM RS/6000 AIX (64 bit) machine. She implemented and configured 9i rel2 RDBMS in Real Application Cluster (RAC) configuration and 9iAS rel2 with forms, and reports 6i running web servlet. The team and she converted the forms and reports allowing government employees and taxpayers in Paraguay to pay corporate taxes and receive tax reports using the web browser from any web browser on any pc. The team upgraded the forms and reports to run straight 9i rel 2 on both the RAC and the 9iAS Applications Server using Single Sign On and Oracle Portal.

Skills Summary

Oracle Financials Applications
• General Ledger
• Accounts Receivable
• Accounts Payable
• Fixed Assets

• Oracle 5.X through 10g

Hardware & Operating Systems
• Windows NT
• Windows 2000
• HP-UX 11.11
• Sun Sparc Unix

Life Cycle Expertise
• IS Strategic Planning
• System Architecture
• Planning and Design
• Requirements Analysis
• Data Flow Modeling
• Entity Relationship Modeling
• Functional Hierarchical Modeling
• Logical Database Design
• Physical Database Design
• Application Development
• Test Plans
• Testing, Capacity Planning
• Data Conversion
• Computer Operations

Programming Languages
• Java
• C and C++
• Perl
• PL/1

Oracle Products
• Cash Management
• Order Entry (OE) and
• Order Management (OM) 11.5.10
• Project Accounting Billing and Costing (PA)
• iProcurement/Purchasing
• Enterprise Planning and Budgeting
• Oracle Financial Analyzer (OFA)
• Self Service, Alert
• AOL,
• Oracle Designer through 10g
• Oracle Financials (GL, AP, AR, FA)
• Human Resource Management System (HRMS)
• Self-Service HR (SSHR)
• Payroll
• Inventory (INV)
• Manufacturing (MFG) with (WIP & BOM)
• Advanced Supply Chain Planning
• Oracle Portal
• Oracle JDeveloper 9i
• Developer (Reports, Forms, PL/SQL SQL) through 10g
• Oracle Application Server through 10g

Other Software Products

• Business Object V5.0
• ER/Win, System Architect
• Yourdon Analyst Toolkit

Engagement Experience

• Applications Development
• Data Conversion
• AIM and CDM Methodology
• Fit/Gap Analysis
• Testing
• Project Management
• Business & Technical Process Reengineering
• End User Training
• Conversion
• Configuration

Other Accomplishments


• BS, University of Nebraska at Omaha


• Oracle Release 11 Financial Applications
• Oracle Financials
• Oracle iProcurement/Purchasing
• Oracle Project Accounting (Costing and Billing)

Certifications & Associations

• Certified Oracle Master Applications Application Developer
• Certified Master Oracle Applications Functional Project Team Member


• English, read, write, speak – Native language
• Spanish, read, write, speak – High proficiency
• Portuguese, read, write, speak – Low proficiency
• German, read – Low proficiency; speak – Low proficiency