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Matt Z. is a superbly-skilled UNIX systems and Network Administrator with extensive real-world experience.  Matt has over 8 years of advanced multiplatform UNIX system administration and programming experience, specializing in networking and security.

Matt also has extensive high-speed Internet service experience, including layer 2/3 architectural planning and inter-domain routing


Professional Community


  • Debian developer, 1999--present
  • Debian package maintainer for (and contributor to) RRDtool, Cricket, FLAC, GNU Common C++, Hercules, others
  • Author, apt-listchanges

Expert IT Skills



  • Linux (Debian, Red Hat)
  • Solaris 2.x, 7
  • FreeBSD
  • Digital UNIX
  • NetBSD

Protocols and Subsystems

  • Layer 2/3 networking: TCP/IP, ATM, Frame Relay
  • IP Routing: BGP4, OSPF, RIP
  • UNIX subsystems: Kerberos V5, BOOTP, NFS, NIS, automount, SNMP, HTTP,


  • Apache web server (including SSL, Apache-JServ)
  • Netscape Enterprise web server
  • Oracle Server version 7, 8
  • PostgreSQL
  • CVS version control system
  • Squid Internet Object Cache
  • LVM
  • Debian GNU/Linux package development


  • Sun SPARC, Ultra, Enterprise (350, 450, 4500)
  • Cisco 2500/4000/3600/7000/7200/7500 series, Catalyst 2800/5000
  • Ascend (Pipeline, Max 4048, Max TNT, GRF 400)
  • F5 Big/IP load balancing systems

Programming and Other Languages

  • ANSI C,
  • C++
  • Perl
  • UNIX toolbox (Bourne shell, awk, sed, grep, make, etc.)
  • TeX/LATEX typesetting system
  • Java (including servlet programming and JSP)
  • SQL
  • Scheme



  • Johns Hopkins University Center for Talented Youth (Lancaster, PA)
    Now known as the Institute for the Academic Advancement of Youth

    * Theoretical Foundations of Computer Science (Summer 1993)
    * Data Structures and Algorithms (Summer 1994)
    * Digital Logic (Summer 1995)

  • University of Maryland, Baltimore County

    * Part-time student (Computer Science), 1995-96

  • Rochester Institute of Technology

    * Full-time student (Computer Science), Fall 1997, Spring 1998
    * Active member of Computer Science House



Employment History


Platform Networks (Atlanta, GA) June 2000 -- September 2001

* Systems and Network Architect

+ Tested and evaluated client products and services to provide consulting and planning services
+ Installed and administered Debian GNU/Linux systems providing IS infrastructure (mail, web, FTP, streaming media)
+ Administered network infrastructure (Cisco)

Organic (San Francisco, CA) December 1999 -- May 2000

* Senior UNIX System Administrator (Corporate IS)

+ Supported a large infrastructure of Sun Enterprise-class servers running Solaris, providing corporate IS infrastructure (email, file service, etc.) using NIS, NFS, etc.
+ Mentored junior UNIX administrators and Microsoft administrators on UNIX operations.
+ Performed an audit of existing systems, integrating legacy spreadsheets and semi-automatically collected data on hardware and software specifications into a centralized LDAP database
+ Implemented a system to monitor link utilization for a global network, including physical WAN connections and logical VPN connections
+ Designed and implemented an automated system installation and configuration system, based on Solaris Jumpstart and GNU cfengine, capable of complete unattended builds for common server configurations
+ Researched available software tools for use in gathering network traffic statistics. Used preliminary data to recommend strategies for improving network performance

SpringStreet (San Francisco, CA) January 1999 -- December 1999

* System and Network Administrator

+ Performed system administration tasks for a cluster of Sun Ultra and Enterprise-class servers to provide high-volume, dynamic WWW content with greater than 99% availability

+ Implemented a comprehensive statistical monitoring system for web traffic, bandwidth utilization, server response time, server load, server uptime, filesystem utilization, and other data

+ Conceived performance metrics for measuring website response time, implemented tools for calculation and reporting

+ Designed and deployed a wide-area virtual private network (VPN) based on IPsec tunnels using OpenBSD, later integrated with a Cisco-based IPsec VPN

+ Created and maintained detailed procedural documentation regarding operating system localization, installation and configuration of software packages, vendor contact information, etc.

+ Performed hardware maintenance for colocated servers, including equipment replacement and capacity planning

+ Performed a comprehensive security audit, including software vendor patches, network trust, password strength, and network layer filtering

Network Architect
NetRail, Inc. (Atlanta, GA) December 1997 -- February 1998

+ Researched expansion and design issues for a nationwide NSP backbone

+ Performed configuration and troubleshooting of advanced dynamic routing issues (BGP4, OSPF)

+ Authored policy documentation for all standardized procedures

+ Performed extensive auditing of router configuration information, customer databases, IP allocation information, DNS zones, and operational contacts

+ Implemented a CVS-based version control and change notification system for router configuration

+ Advised sales force on technical issues

+ Installed and maintained a secure, single sign-on authentication system (Kerberos V5, SSH)

+ Performed research and development for various experimental projects, including

o Distributed, hierarchical WWW caching (Squid)
o DNS-based dynamic failover for web server clusters distributed over a wide-area network
o IP multicasting (MBONE)
o Design of a Network Access Point (NAP) for regional Internet traffic exchange, including research of route server paradigm

Contractor, UNIX System Administration
Army Research Laboratories (Adelphi, MD) May 1997 -- June 1997

* Administered high-end UNIX servers (SGI ONYX, Sun SPARC Enterprise) to
support scientific research applications

* Provided end-user technical support for applications

Network design and engineering
NetRail, Inc. (Arlington, VA) October 1994 -- April 1997

+ Planned and implemented a nationwide high-speed WAN backbone based on IP, frame relay, and ATM communications technologies to provide high-speed Internet access services (ISDN, T1, DS3)

+ Managed inter-provider technical operations (BGP peering) at major interconnection points (NAPs)

+ Supervised backbone maintenance, troubleshooting, and upgrades (Cisco, Ascend, Netstar, Cascade, etc.)

+ Designed, implemented and maintained UNIX-based custom statistics collection package

+ Performed initial installation and configuration of end-user network access equipment (Cisco, Ascend, Adtran, Livingston, etc.)

+ Assisted in design and maintenance of high-reliability co-location facilities

+ Established and implemented coherent internal and external routing policies based on OSPF and BGP4, including routing registry maintenance (RADB), and network security (filtering) policy

System Administration

NetRail, Inc. (Arlington, VA) October 1994 -- April 1997

+ Installed and maintained various UNIX systems (Linux, FreeBSD,
Solaris) to provide:

o Internet access services (Usenet news, DNS, SMTP, POP3, WWW, shell accounts)
o Internal management services (Sybase database, workstations, statistics collection)

+ Designed and implemented software to work with a proximity card-based security system to authenticate and log access to facilities

+ Designed and implemented administrative tools to automate system maintenance, accounting, and performance monitoring (utilizing C, Perl, UNIX toolbox)