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Jon Emmons has many years of full-time experience running Oracle in a UNIX environment. His Oracle experience is reinforced by his many years as a UNIX system administrator. Jon has published extensively about Oracle on his website which continues to receive acclaim from the Oracle community.

Jon's work experience includes both industry and education. In addition to his technical abilities Jon has also been called upon to teach a college course in database management systems.

Professional Goals

To apply my broad range of IT skills in a fast-paced and challenging environment. To assist in the more efficient and creative use of technology to fulfill the changing needs of an active user base.


Technical Skills

Comfortable in all areas of Information Technology. Extensive experience in setup and configuration of Oracle database servers versions 8.0 through 10g Revision 2. Considerable experience in setup, configuration and performance tuning of Oracle application server versions 9i and 10g, including Oracle Business Intelligence Suite. Troubleshooting, tuning, backup and recovery and upgrading of Oracle databases. Experience designing and implementing Oracle Data Warehouse technology. Setup and maintenance of Sungard SCT Banner student information system, Oracle Financials and Oracle Forms servers. Setup and maintenance of SalesLogix database on Oracle. Database administration tools used include Oracle Enterprise Manager, Spotlight on Oracle, and TOAD. Experience configuring and using MySQL, Microsoft SQL Server and FileMaker Pro databases. Experience with relational and dimensional database design.

Setup and administration of Solaris systems for a variety of tasks. Additional experience setting up and administrating Linux, x86 (intel) Solaris, Macintosh OS X, and various distributions of BSD. Installation and maintenance of many common UNIX applications (e.g. Apache, Sendmail, Majordomo, BIND.) Familiar with all facets of NIS networking in a cross platform UNIX environment. Shell scripting for Systems Administration tasks. Design and implementation of load balancing and fail-over for High Availability solutions. Practical application of system monitoring techniques for accurate load planning and evaluation of hardware needs across budget years. Experience with Veritas File System on Solaris. Experience installing, configuring, and administrating Veritas NetBackup software.

Proficient on Windows and Macintosh OS with experience using and supporting all major versions both server-side and client-side. Familiar with design and implementation of TCP/IP networking including routing tables, DNS, DHCP and Firewall. Knowledge of binary logic and its implementation in computers. Basic experience programming (C, C++, PHP.) Experience administrating WebCT Campus Edition.

Work Experience

Plymouth State University, Plymouth NH - March 2004 - Present
    Oracle Database Administrator - Involved in all areas of maintenance of the Sungard SCT Banner student information system. Focus on database tuning, backup, recovery and cloning. A focus on Data Warehouse Architecture. Project management on several projects involving diverse campus departments. Major accomplishments include helping develop a versioning and release system, deploying databases for several new systems, development of a data warehouse and other systems to support reporting needs.

Oracle Shell Scripting: Linux and UNIX Programming for Oracle, Rampant TechPress - Publication Date: May 2007
    Author - This book offers a background on UNIX and Linux, a thorough tutorial on shell scripting and over 50 ready-to-use shell scripts all geared to the Oracle professional. Specific attention is given to developing reliable scripts for automating routine tasks.

Life After Coffee, www.lifeaftercoffee.com - August 2005 - Present
    Author - Sole author of this very successful weblog. Accomplished a Technorati ranking below 10,000 and over one million hits in the first year of operation. Authored the popular Caffeine WordPress Theme.

Plymouth State University, Plymouth NH - Fall 2005
    Adjunct Professor - Teaching Database Administration, an upper division course in the Applied Computer Science and Information Technology majors.

Boston University, Boston, MA - July 2003 - March 2004
    Senior UNIX Systems Administrator - Individually responsible for around 120 UNIX systems used for a variety of tasks including GIS applications. This environment includes an NIS domain, around a dozen Solaris, Linux, SGI and Macintosh OS X servers, and over 100 workstations. Primary platform is Solaris 8/9. Supporting users in the Geography and Earth Sciences departments as well as the Center for Remote Sensing. Responsibilities include: server maintenance, upgrade, growth planning, evaluation of requirements for new hardware, maintaining a lab, account provisioning, email administration, application administration, and UNIX desktop support. Major accomplishments include design, implementation and administration of Sun Ray systems in a lab environment, successful integration of Linux in our NIS environment, implementation of 7 new servers, and maintaining an extremely high level of user satisfaction.

WebCT Inc., Lynnfield, MA - May 2000 - May 2003
    Systems and Database Administrator - Simultaneously held the role of lead system administrator and sole database administrator. Responsible for designing, configuring, and maintaining several company-critical systems including Oracle 8i databases, Oracle 9i databases, Oracle Finanacials Solaris 7, 8 and 9 servers. Areas of responsibility included production, development and quality assurance environments. Evaluated hardware requirements for new systems. Hardware used ranged from Sun Ultra5, to Sun Enterprise 3500. Worked on setup, configuration, upgrades and maintenance of WebCT Campus Edition hosting servers while maintaining a 99.9% uptime guaranty. Maintained, configured and supported custom web application server running an Oracle back end with a Java web server running on Apache/Tomcat front-end. Planned, setup and maintained an Oracle Database for SalesLogix. Performed a hosting server migration that involved moving over 50 essential hosted servers over 3000 miles while keeping downtime to a matter of minutes. Setup and maintained an Arrowpoint Load balancing/failover system to meet the demand for high availability. Building and configuring WebTrends Enterprise Reporting Server to analyze web site usage and volume. Responsible for setup and maintenance of Veritas NetBackup. On call 24x7 for emergency customer and corporate system issues.

WebCT Inc., Lynnfield, MA - August 1999, January 2000
    IT Contractor - Assumed all IT responsibilities while the current IT manager took vacation. Responsibilities included supporting roughly 80 users on both Macintosh OS and Windows platforms, ordering and receiving new hardware and configuring desktop systems. I returned 5 months later to assist the growing IT department to alleviate the work load and allow them to continue to hire full time employees.

Plymouth State College, Plymouth, NH - September 1998-May 2000
    Help Desk Manager- Involved in building, training and managing a team of student workers to offer computer support a campus community of roughly 4,000 users. Involved in hiring, time management, project planning and personnel management. My team provided walk-in, phone, and on-site support for faculty, staff and students using Windows, Macintosh and UNIX platforms.

Communication and Management Skills

Very strong trouble-shooting abilities with excellent resource management. Outstanding ability to quickly learn and understand new technologies. Self-motivated with excellent time and resource management skills. Teaching experience and a strong aptitude for simplification. Able to teach to a wide variety of learning styles and technical abilities. Strong ability to work independently or with teams as either an active member or a leader. I have the ability to achieve goals efficiently while maintaining a customer-oriented focus.


Plymouth State University, Plymouth, NH - 1996-2000
    Bachelor of Science degree in Interdisciplinary studies with focus in Applied Computer Science and Music.

Solaris 8 System Administration I - September 2000
Solaris 8 System Administration II - December 2000
Oracle Enterprise DBA Part 1A: Architecture and Administration - August 2001
Oracle Enterprise DBA Part 1B: Backup and Recovery - May 2002
Oracle Enterprise DBA Part 2: Performance and Tuning - December 2002
Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration I - June 2005


References are available upon request.