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Dr. James W.

We only do consulting. 

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James is a senior consultant with extensive experience using advanced technology for analysis, design and construction of systems which solve business problems. He has designed and implemented systems combining relational and multidimensional database components in client/server and web architectures. His strengths lie not only in his technical skills, but also in his ability to match appropriate computing resources to business requirements.


- B.A. in Mathematics, Johns Hopkins University.
- M.A. in Philosophy, Northwestern University.
- PhD. in Philosophy, Northwestern University.


User requirements analysis, system architecture, data modeling, business system design and functional specification of applications supporting operations, management information and decision support, including olap and multidimensional databases. Familiarity with use of case technology in object-oriented and information engineering methodologies, including uml and ie. Significant project management experience.

Business process re-engineering, application portfolio identification and definition, enterprise data and process modeling, technical architecture and integration with legacy applications. Assessment of the applicability of advanced technology.

Identification, definition and implementation of knowledge-based applications. Knowledge engineering and prototype development of expert systems. Technical architecture for embedded systems.

Technical and administrative support for Data Administration and Database Administration organizations, including uml data modeling, analysis and normalization, design reviews, change control, standards and procedures. Logical and physical design of relational databases, database performance and tuning. Application design in a relational environment.


Applied Epistemology Corporation, Principal, January 1987 - present.
Independent Consultant, September 1982 - December 1986.
John Rhodes & Company, Senior Consultant, April 1979 - September 1982.
Equitable Life Assurance Society, Database Designer, February 1976 - April 1979.


IBM S/390, 370, 303x, 308x, 3094 (SVS, MVS, MVS/XA/ESA, VM), IBM 43xx (VM), Sun Sparc E10000 (Solaris), IBM RS/6000 (AIX), HP 9000 (HP-UX)
IBM PS/2 (OS/2 2.1, DOS 6.2), PC (MS DOS, Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0),
Teradata DBC/1012
Oracle8i, Oracle Express Objects 2.2, Express MDB 6.3, Express SPL, Sales Analyzer, Financial Analyzer, Discoverer 4i
SQL Server 2000, Analysis Services, Data Transformation Services, Knosys ProClarity, Essbase 5.0.2, Cognos PowerPlay, Impromptu
DB2, QMF, SQL/DS, Teradata, IMS DB/DC, CICS, TSO/ISPF, VM/CMS, DB2/2, Database Manager Perl 5, SAS, FOCUS, Nomad2, COBOL, Assembler, FORTRAN, BASIC, Objectory, OMTool, ADW, Bachman Analyst, IEF, Excelerator,
Smalltalk V/PM, Parts, VisualWorks, Visual Age, Visual C++,
Allegro CL, CLOS, Common LISP, TI Scheme, SCOOPS,
Aion 6.2, Nexpert Object, Kappa PC, KBMS/Intellect 405E,


Instinet Corporation
MIS Data Warehousing Practice. March 2001 – present.
Developed and administered Discoverer 4i interface to warehouse of trade, revenue and profitability data. Responsible for usability, performance, problem resolution and change management. Contributed to warehouse design, including design and implementation of multi-dimensional application security model using Oracle 8i’s Virtual Private Database (fine-grained access control). Identified and implemented design changes to improve Discoverer functionality and query performance.

Prudential Securities, Inc.
Information Systems Group. September 2000-February 2001.
Developed uml models for, and implementation of, data warehouse and multidimensional database of commission payment information, provided as a service to clients of Wexford Securities. Web based front-end provides standard reports and ad hoc query capability. Clients may develop and save customized reports also. Developed end-to-end system, including mainframe data extraction, cube definition and loading, standard report development.

Merrill Lynch
CICG Finance. March 1999-September 2000.
Developed Oracle 8i data warehouse for Global Analysis and Reporting system, an intraday position and p&l reporting application. Data is replicated from sql Server reconciliation application in five world-wide locations to Oracle repository in New York, and passed in near real-time to multi-dimensional Express database by processes developed in Express spl. Repository accessible globally via multiple front end tools (Discoverer, Financial Analyzer, Crystal Reports) Developed prototype multi-dimensional databases for evaluation in Cognos PowerPlay and Hyperion Essbase.

Information Systems. October 1995-February 1999.
System Architect of a Sales & Marketing data warehouse. Express Analyzer was used to provide 5-dimensional access to an Oracle database. Developed intelligent, object-oriented software using Express SPL to automate virtually all aspects of implementation and operations. From a set of business constraints, the system identified aggregations to be pre-calculated, then generated metadata and all Oracle objects (ddl for tables, indexes and views, dml for summary table aggregation and pl/sql update programs) required to present 1,890 possible views. System meets performance objectives while physically storing less than 3% of potential aggregations. Usage statistics collected dynamically support ongoing optimization. A common set of objects is used to generate metadata and Oracle objects as required for ongoing operations. Designed and implemented Unix process control software for load and update operations to permit maximum parallelism consistent with resource availability.

Syrinx Corporation
Instructor, Methodology Consultant. February 1995 - June 1995.
Instructor for Object-Oriented Requirements Analysis. Course materials based on Ivar Jacobson’s Use Case approach. Mentoring and design consulting for course clients to assist them in applying concepts learned to specific projects.

At Fidelity investments, taught a Requirements Analysis, and mentored a development team during the analysis and design of a portfolio management product for individual investors. Developed standards for Use Case documentation and assisted with object model specification. The system was developed in Visual Works.

NYNEX Telesector Resources Group
Strategic Systems Development. December 1993 - December 1994.
Developed application requirements for a Sales Account Management system in support of Process Re-Engineering initiative to create Business Account Team Centers to consolidate customer contact for corporate customers. Developed domain object model of new sales management process using Rumbaugh’s OMT. Principal author of RFP; participated in analysis of responses and award of development contract. Project leader for the installation of an externally-developed Visual C++ application in the NYNEX client/server environment. The system was moved from SQL/Windows into an Oracle/WinOS2 environment, and integrated with NYNEX’s proprietary middle-ware. Designed and wrote data transformation subsystem in Smalltalk/V for consolidation of account data from IMS and DB2 databases.

Warner-Lambert Corporation
MIS - Distribution Systems. June 1993 - September 1993
Responsible for technical architecture, knowledge base design and systems integration of a system to interpret EDI transmissions and transform them so that they can be processed by existing applications. The system comprised a KBMS knowledge base embedded in IEF-generated CICS transactions; knowledge base performs context-dependent customer identification, code interpretation and ambiguity resolution, and multi-level override and exception processing.

New York Life Insurance Co.
Individual Policyholder Services. November 1992 - May 1993
Participated in an assessment of the use of knowledge-based technology for business process re-engineering within the IPS area. Evaluated the effectiveness of three current applications, and developed recommendations for several candidate applications, including proposal for an Intelligent Strategic Service Facility to integrate multiple knowledge-based applications and existing online systems. Designed system architecture, processing flow and user interface for a demonstration version of a selected candidate application, including integration with existing CICS and IDMS applications and evolving client-server architecture for Service Representative support platform.

Metropolitan Life Insurance Co.
Human Resources Technology Research. August 1992 - January 1993
Project leader for the development of an expert system to re-engineer the employee retirement process. System determines all required calculations, invokes 3-16 existing CICS transactions, which determine basic pension amount and deductions under Met's Flexible Benefits program, performs additional (previously manual) calculations, and combines the results to produce all communications to the retiree and provide automated inputs to payment, pension reserves and personnel systems. Responsible for overall application design, knowledge engineering and knowledge base development, and system integration in a cooperative processing environment. Knowledge base design includes consideration of extensions for decision support.

Chase Manhattan Bank, N.A.
InfoServ International. November 1991 - August 1992
System Architect and Information Engineering methodology consultant for the development of a repository of intra-day and historical cash management information regarding Corporate and International Institutional customers. Developed target data model, identified sources and designed consolidation subsystem. Business functions comprise position monitoring, liability risk control, customer and product profitability and MIS reporting. Responsible for design and implementation of CUA interface in both cooperative processing and native 3270 environments. Significant project management responsibility.

American International Group
Domestic Brokerage Information Services. January 1991 - October 1991.
Responsible for knowledge engineering and development of expert systems for Reinsurance Services and Surety divisions. Applications developed included an Account Analysis system to support underwriter's quarterly reviews of both financial and non-financial information, a mainframe application to support the reconciliation of payments with accounts receivable, and a prototype of the reinsurance layoff process for property insurance. Additional responsibilities included technical support for upgrading the expert systems software environment, including designs for client-server and cooperative processing environments. Wrote methodology manual for expert systems development. Provided technical support to other development groups for expert systems and natural language query applications.

NYNEX Service Company
July 1989 - October 1990
Analyst on Feasibility Study team for the development of an integrated Billing system for New York Telephone and New England Telephone. Principal author of Feasibility Study report. This report assessed the competitive environment in the telecommunications industry, corporate strategic plans, current and future business requirements and the status of current application systems. It recommended the development of a set of applications and an integrated database which will consolidate six major systems supporting message processing, bill generation, collections and management information. Examined several alternative development scenarios and performed cost/benefit analyses. It also outlined a project organization and development methodology for the recommended alternative.

G.A.B. Business Services
January 1989 - June 1989
Consultant to Vice President for Technology. Responsibilities included establishing Data Administration and Data Base Administration functions, with additional responsibility for advising on company's initial DB2 application. This included review of logical data model and physical database design, establishment of test and production DB2 environments, performance monitoring and staff training.

Pfizer, International
January 1988 - November 1988
Performed knowledge engineering and technical development of an expert system for estimation of DB2 transaction performance during BSD phase of development. Data analysis and physical database design of regulatory reporting system, supporting recursive relationships of physiological and pharmacological nomenclature. DB2 design and performance consulting for Corporate DBA, including standards, package evaluation, performance measurement and monitoring techniques.

Mobil Oil Corporation
Sales and Supply Division. July 1985 - December 1987
Lead analyst for six-month BAA study of data processing requirements for the international supply and distribution division. Principal author of the architecture report, which recommended a portfolio of applications, a technical environment, and implementation priorities. Chief Designer of the development team for the above application portfolio. Responsible for global data model, database architecture, application integration, application of DB2 standards and procedures. Principal business analyst for the design of core applications; database architect for all applications, physical database designer for selected critical applications.

Studied applicability of AI techniques to business problems occurring in the above domain. Identified potential expert system and language processing applications, and developed proof-of-concept prototypes for selected applications.

Chemical Bank
October 1983 - June 1985
Analyzed architecture of domestic and international funds transfer systems. Devised a strategy for restructuring the system to enable it to meet performance and functional objectives. Senior analyst/project manager for the redesign and redevelopment of the Corporate Cash Management product. Development was concurrent with replacement of DDA system, necessitating conversion of all major interfaces.

Swiss Bank Corporation
New York Branch. September 1982 - September 1983
Performed requirements analysis and wrote functional specification for a secondary market trading system for U.S. Government securities. Scope included trader support, clearance and trade accounting and management information functions. Performed requirements analysis and wrote functional specifications for system to support the Bullion Vault. System addressed inventory control and fee administration, as well as COMEX depository functions.

Manufacturers Hanover Trust Company
Wholesale Information Systems March 1981 - September 1982
Conducted requirements and analysis and performed logical data modeling and physical database design for customer economic profile (profitability), and global exposure monitoring system.  Supported client in defining the charter, organization and functional interfaces of Information Management and Data Base Administration groups for the wholesale division. Technical consultant to Data Administration area. Responsibilities included application design and performance reviews, data dictionary standards and procedures, and design and implementation of an extensibility structure for an Analysis Support system.

General Foods Corporation
July 1980 - January 1981
Structured analysis and logical design of the Pricing and Billing portion of a distributed support system for Distribution/Supply division.

Mobil Oil Corporation
Corporate Database Administration April 1979 - July 1980
Performed functional analysis and design of Change Management system, and developed procedures for the support of Production, DBA and project management change control requirements. Database design and implementation of general report scheduling and distribution system for the IMS DB/DC environment.

Equitable Life Assurance Society
(Employee) February, 1976 - April 1979
Senior member of Database Design Group, responsible for design and implementation of all aspects of IMS DB/DC applications, including logical and physical database design, screen design, control block generation, coordination of multi-application database use, and change control. Provided technical support for application development teams and training for new Design Group members.





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